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Introduce yourself to Amazon to be able to maximize your online sales and have greater brand recognition. To achieve these objectives from Innova we work on the optimization of organic search results, that is, SEO or search engine optimization. With this your products can reach good long-term positions for the relevant search terms, which obtain a greater number of sales.

This platform also provides other resources that we can take advantage of to achieve greater visibility in your products. Among them we highlight its advertising service Amazon Marketing Services, allows campaigns through a segmentation of keywords or product..

Along with all the resources provided by Amazon, our monitoring and analysis will achieve a boost in the sales of your products, and therefore an increase in brand visibility.


Advantages of selling on Amazon

  • Branding: You will achieve greater visibility of your brand.
  • Branding: You will achieve greater visibility of your brand.
  • International sale: With an account you will have the possibility to sell in Italy, United Kingdom, France and Germany.
  • Anti-fraud protection: Amazon has the best technology and takes the risk.
  • Multi-categoría: Podrás vender tus productos en más de 30 categorías.
  • Informes: Obtendrás informes sobre tu actividad como vendedor (clics, impresiones, Buybox).
  • Logísticas multicanal de Amazon: Los mejores precios de mercado.

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