The marketplace, a business opportunity

The marketplaces are becoming opportunities that we must manage and where it is worth being present. The new fairs are online. Open to our potential importers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The marketplaces or electronic markets are platforms that put buyers or buyers of a service in contact with buyers or individuals or companies that demand a specific service.

We have marketplaces aimed at selling to individuals, such as Amazon, or aimed at professionals, such as its “Amazon Business” side.


The largest B2B Marketplace in the world with more than 160 million registered importing companies (buyers) and more than 4 million registered exporting companies (sellers).


Portal for companies of wholesale purchase, interesting generator of B2B business opportunities, with a strong presence especially in Latin America.

B2C/ Europe

It is the marketplace B2C reference worldwide. Amazon is considered a virtual shopping center, where users can explore until they find what they are looking for. See logistics.

B2C/ Europe

Ebay is a worldwide sales platform, with an implantation in Spain that also allows us the possibility of selling to private clients throughout Europe.