Graphic design

Customized e-commerce design


We design the online store that your business needs. And that is attractive is only a small part of the work: we put the focus on usability and user experience. Your online store has to be simple, intuitive and easy for the user, nothing should get in the way of a completely satisfactory purchase process!

The perfect e-commerce design must be mobile friendly. The use of mobile devices to navigate and make purchases online is a reality and an unstoppable trend compared to the use of desktop browsers.

Brand design


Your brand is very important. From Innova Digital Export we help you materialize it graphically in an optimal way. Without forgetting any of the details that will make it unique: focused on the target audience, capable of projecting corporate values and designed in such a way that it is durable and coherent.

Your old logo is no longer adapted to the reality of your business or reflects the values of your company ?, We take care of the redesign, keeping the essence to update it to the new situation.

Advertising material


We apply your brand image creatively and coherently so that your company or products look in the best possible way in any support and situation.

  • Outdoor advertising, flyers, brochures, folders, catalogs, magazines, posters, rollups …
  • Advertising design for: TV, web, magazines, newspapers …
  • Design of stands for fairs and congresses.

Illustration, video and photography


If your project needs the unique and differentiating touch of the illustration, the video or you need quality photos, look no further.

  • Complement your brand with the creation of a corporate mascot capable of creating a unique bond between the public and your business.
  • Stand out from your competition with the original character of the illustrations.
  • Pon el valor tus productos, muestra al mundo tus instalaciones o genera imágenes únicas que hablen de tu negocio con fotografías de la máxima calidad.