Digital Marketing

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a combination marketing and advertising techniques that aims to get users to find you instead of going to look for them. A multi-channel strategy that will help you get traffic/lead or records increasing relevance on the Internet:


    • Search engine positioning (SEO):

We gather all our skills to ensure that your website is positioned correctly in search engines.

    • Social Networks:

First we make a selección of social networks where your Target is, followed by an approach to an optimas customer service policy, which may include the timely or periodic realization of promotions, announcements or raffles in order to attract new followers, increase loyalty and increase confidence and passion for the brand.

    • Email marketing

One of the channels with the highest conversión is email marketing, since the audience is usually a target interested in their products or services.therefore, we propose the realization of an adequate personalized and automatic mailings strategy that enhances sales and the loyalty opportunity.

    • Analytics

We know the importante both of carrying out a marketing action and of learning from it, in order to improve promotion an communication decisions. The analytical possibilities currently are endless, and with proper use, a powerful source of information.

  • Other marketing techniques

Content Marketing, Customer Services, SEM, etc.

Results Marketing

Currently, online advertising can be strongly segmented and oriented to results, an advantage that will allow us to hire advertising campaigns only paying for the results obtained, either from visits to the Web, records or even sales.
Google and social networks like Facebook and Instagram, are the best know channels that allow us to put ads based on result.

There are many other platforms specialized in segmented advertising based on a result.
Taking into account trends and different sectors, we can make a media plan together  with a calendar of appropriate investment to estimate the return on investment.

International Marketing 

The Internet allows us to explore through new markets from different parts of the world, being these more modern and efficient than traditional ones.
That your web or online store has an international presence does not only consist in translating, yo have to understand the behavior of the users in the destination country, know where the are looking (Google is not always the king) and define an independent marketing plan.
Thanks to the Advanced tools of Web analytics, which allow us to know the behavior and trends of the markets at the click of a mouse, the ICT intermediarios specialized in a specifc country or sector, such as the marketplaces, and the wide variety of communication channels and promotion available to us, to consider an online export strategy is more portable than ever.